Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Steez VS The Truth

Another classic battle brought to you by For MCs By MCs. This go around reigning champ Steez, 6-0, battles it out with hot undefeated newcomer The Truth, 3-0, at Real Life Click's "SANGVIS REGVM: Blood of Kings" album release party in Lacey, WA. Once again Steez comes with his signature mix of delivery and energy to give a flawless  performance but also steps up his bar game to match Truth's lyric heavy approach to battling. The Truth approaches the battle with complex, over your head bars but also makes sure to step up his presence and energy to match Steez's crowd captivating performance  and shows us that he isn't afraid to get in an MCs face. The two battlers go bar for bar until the last round so you will have to just watch the video to find out who takes the win but I can promise you won't be bored for one second of this battle. Please give it a watch, share, comment, and like if you want to help support the movement.