Friday, December 26, 2014

Stuey Newton VS Young Nate

Two words best sum up the battle between Northwest battle rap heavy weights Stuey Newton (haling from the greater Seattle area) and Young Nate  (representing Portland, OR); personal and disrespectful.  There were no passes or taboo subjects in this battle; family, religion, league alliances, street affiliations and battle rap credentials were all brought into question throughout the duration of the battle. Stuey took his time to set up some crazy angles and build ups to break down Young Nate's battle rap and street status while Nate took a more simpler yet consistent bar for bar punchline style approach to do the same to Stuey.

Both Stuey Newton and Young Nate are viewed as two of the biggest threats in the Northwest regions battle scene right now and are also known to be two of the more street oriented MCs in the area too. This made for an interesting match that was very heated and personal yet remained strictly battle rap.  Everyone in the room could feel the tension in the air and when you watch the battle on video you can feel that coming through the screen. In a time when battle rap is saturated with dull match ups and where the level of lyrical complexity sometimes kills the raw passion the culture was founded on, battles like this remind us why battle rap was created in the first place; to solve disputes non-violently by using the art of hip hop. Which also happens to be a great recipe for a classic match. 

The Northwest battle scene is alive with debate over who won this battle. To voice your opinion make sure to leave a comment on the YouTube feed. At the end of the day when two MCs put on a match like this no one really looses and the fans get one more classic battle to remind them the Northwest battle rap scene is nothing to sleep on. Both Stuey Netwon and Young Nate are doing some big things in 2015 so make sure to stay on the look out for more battles from both MCs.