Friday, November 14, 2014

Some threats remain dormant for a long, long time before they make their wrath felt. But once they do erupt the scene is left forever changed. One threat of this nature that comes to mind is the super volcano underneath Yellow Stone National Park. Another is the return of the MC that is AKA
to battle rap. Tomorrow night at the Olympia Ballroom as part of the All Your Friend's Friends album release party bars will once agin flow like hot magma when AKA battles S.O.S. to settle a 4 year plus old dispute over a battle from the distant past.

It all started back in the freestyle era of Olympia battle rap, when AKA was the undefeated reigning champion besides one fateful battle with S.O.S. at the now defunct Vault as part of the historical We Out Here battles S.P. used to throw.  AKA claims the loss was due to a crowd vote by "teenagers who were eating up S.O.S.'s ABC rhyme style". To settle the record once and for all AKA challenged S.O.S. to settle the dispute via the time tested hip hop tradition of battle rap. S.O.S. being a man that strives to constantly "raise the bar" in his hip hop pursuits accepted without hesitation. The town is alive with talk of AKA's return to battle rap and debut in the prewritten format and if S.O.S. stands a chance against such a potential, high caliber threat in the battle world.

S.O.S. is in a tight spot after multiple losses and chokes in previous battles. But word on the street is he has been working extra hard for this battle so he can show the For MCs By MCs followers why those losses were flukes and that he is not an MC to be slept on or snickered at. In the past S.O.S. has defeated worthy opponents like DL Murray and Patron so the fate of this battle is definitely in the air.

Will AKA make his return to battle rap by bull dozing over an unprepared S.O.S.? Or will S.O.S. surprise the masses by showing his full potential as an MC and beating a seemingly invincible MC? That is the question on many peoples minds on the eve of a potential classic in For MCs By MCs Battle League. Tomorrow night at the Olympia Ballroom located at 116 Legion Way Olympia, WA 98501 our questions will be answered and a victor will be crowned. Don't miss out on this historical night in Olympia hip hop. Between this battle and the All Your Friend's Friends compilation Olympia is setting precedent on what Northwest hip hop culture can be when pushed to its fullest potential. Be there or feel regretful when all your friend's friends talk about how awesome the night was.

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